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Specialist lawn treatment

We also offer a wide range of specialist lawn treatment services like Hollow Tine Aeration, slitting, and spiking.

Hollow tine aeration

Soil compaction is caused by foot traffic, mowing and heavy rain fall. This squeezing together of the upper surface of the lawn reduces the soils ability to absorb water, air and nutrients. The result of this is that the grass doesn’t thrive.

Hollow Tine Aeration is the most effective and popular treatment because it removes hundreds of small plugs of soil from the lawn and allows the compacted soil to breathe and relax. This allows the grass root system to strengthen and improve the quality of the grass and control moss.

Benefits of hollow tine aeration:

· It enhances the effectiveness of the fertilisers

· It aids in strengthening of the grass once the rooting depth has been increased

· It makes the soil loose, hence enhancing drainage

· It speeds up the rate of soil breakage.

We also offer both slitting and spiking lawn service.

We provide lawn fertiliser and control of moss and weeds

When did you last fertilise your lawn? For a healthy and better growth of the grass, it is advisable to fertilise the lawn at least twice every year. This will allow for better growth of the grass. There are three main lawn fertilizers that are highly recommended. These include;

· Potassium/Potash (K) – This aids in drought resistance and promoting the overall growth

· Nitrogen (N) – This will help in the production of green and growth in the lawn

· Phosphorous/Phosphate - It enhances a stronger rooting system for the grass.

 We always ensure that we apply the correct amount of fertiliser to your lawn and at the required times, ensuring a positive effect on the growth of the grass.


Over time dead matter known as thatch and moss can build up and it is better for your lawn in the long term if it is removed. Scarifying your lawn once a year will do this and help eliminate any long term problems that these components can cause.

We recommend that your lawn is fertilized about two weeks before the scarification process using a general purpose weed and feed product. This will promote strong growth and help control weeds and moss in your lawn.

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